• The uses of mealworm frass

    The frass of mealworm is a dried granule like the sand with many natural porosity and it is useful for the oxygen content, microecological balance and water conservation of the soil. The frass is extreme dry without any smell.

    The frass contents crude organics 80.38%, crude protein 11%, nitrogen 3.97%, phosphorus 1.86%, potassium 2.66%, also it contents seven trace elements of Zn, B, Mn, Mg and Cu, the carbon/nitrogen is 9.86.

    1. The frass of mealworm can be directly used as the organic manure for the plants like vegetable and flower.

    1.1 The effectiveness is stable, durable and long-lasting to enhance the exchange of cation, activate and improve the soil texture and nutrient utilization. Also it can be mixed into the farmyard manure and fertilizer.

    1.2 The comprehensive balance of nutrients, promoting the growing of the root, stem and leaf of vegetable and flower, improve the yield of unit area, enhance disease resistance, increase production and income.

    1.3 The frass of mealworm has not any smell and acidic putrefaction, not the breeding of flies and mosquitos, so it is the best manure for flowerpot in the family.

    1.4 How to use.

    1.4.1 Base manure: 50-100kg per acre.

    1.4.2 Topdressing: divided into two or three times in the middle of the plant growth, 20-30 kg per acre each time, and pay attention to watering, the interval between two topdressing should be not less than 15 days.

    2. The frass of mealworm can be used as the feeds or feed additive. The value of frass is rich in its nutrients and the biological activity.

    2.1 If adding 10% - 20% of the frass in animal diets, the growth and health of livestock and poultry has the significant improvement, the digestion rate of the animals and the feed conversion ratio will be increased.

    2.2 The frass of mealworm is the feed additive for aquaculture. The insect frass throw into the water to alleviate the water smell, effectively control the disease of aquatic animal.

    • > Send by sea the time is around 24 days.
    • > Send by air the time is around 5-7 days.
    • > In general the delivery time is 7-15 days.
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